Endorsed by Bodies Committed to Sustainability

Progreen's Pioneering Spirit Acknowledged

From waste management to pioneering alternative fuel solutions, our commitment to reducing carbon emissions has earned accolades from organizations dedicated to environmental stewardship.


How We Do It.

Become part of our vision of turning waste materials into valuable products. We are young and small, but we have a deep and broad mindset towards how we can tackle carbon emission challenges. Together, we can make our world a better place



We collect, intercept and divert waste materials from landfills



 Using cutting edge technology, we convert these end-of-life materials into clean, certified alternative fuels



We deliver eco-friendly, high performing fuel that helps our customers save money while reducing their carbon footprint

Waste Finds Purpose.

We are a Waste to Fuel manufacturer with a focus of turning waste plastic and waste organic matter into usable and affordable energy solutions. Our mission is fourfold:

Waste Management:

Reduce waste(plastic, organic and paper) that goes to dumping sites

Jobs Creation:

Create job opportunities around waste collection and engineering (chemical and Mechanical)

Alternative Fuel Solutions:

Provide cost-effective and alternative fuel-energy solutions to individuals and business owners

Toward Zero Carbon Emissions:

Be a key contributor towards reducing carbon emissions

Our Impact.

Discover how ProGreen is making a difference by saving thousands of kilograms of waste plastic from polluting our planet and reducing carbon emissions, contributing to a greener, more sustainable future.

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